Custom Applications
JDPraxis Custom Applications We specialize in developing custom applications that precisely fit our customer’s needs and requirements. Proper analysis of the problems and goals, ROI considerations, and having long term partnerships help us to provide the best product for the right reasons.

How do we build a better product? We utilize the Lean-Agile development approach in our projects. The benefits of this model include efficiency of the development process, delivering functionality earlier, empowering our customers, and prioritization of the project based on the returned business value to our customers.
Database Integrations
JDPraxis Database Integrations Database integrations are often the backbone of a successful project where there is existing infrastructure. Upgrading from a legacy application, custom suiting a new database to a new solution, and communicating properly between disparate systems are all key aspects of a successful project plan.

Data warehousing and reporting, local and cloud-based database solutions, and HTTP services are some of the tools that we use in order to get the best solution possible.
Accounting Compatibility
JDPraxis Accounting Integration We have extensive experience leveraging our knowledge of accounting products and requirements during integrations. We build solutions with the awareness of what needs to happen on the accounting side of the workflow. Combining this with a seamless interface with the accounting system of your choice results in a solution that sets us apart from our competition.

We have direct experience with Sage Software® and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics® and CRM, and a myriad of other accounting products. We can integrate with any accounting product and provide a tailored interface to suit your business requirements.
Why JD Praxis?
  • Clients come first
  • Reliable and Economical
  • Extensive Data Management and Application Bridging experience
  • Prompt Service And Implementation

"JD Praxis implemented a .NET Web API Order Management system tailored to our specific needs. This has enabled us to integrate with our customers in a way that increased our partnerships and profits. On time and under budget, we are very satisfied."

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